Monday, April 21, 2008

Sorry it has taken me so long to give everyone an update on Brad. We returned home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon just in time for Kaelyn to start running high fever. I took her into the doctor Friday afternoon and it turned out she has a very bad ear infection. This weekend has been a rough one for her and she hasn't slept well. Because her fever kept spiking, I decided to take her back in to see the doctor again. The doctor ran some bloodwork on her this morning and said she has a virus along with the ear infection. She does look pretty pitiful...I will say that for her. Kaelyn decided that she does not like for doctors to look into her ears, so this time to show her disapproval, she chose to throw up all over him. That will teach him!

Brad seems to be doing pretty well. He is having some trouble sleeping at night, but his pain seems managable...that is a relief. He has an appointment to follow up with the surgeon on Wednesday morning.

Thank you for your continued prayers.


sarahdawn said...

Sick babies are no fun! I'm glad to hear you are home and that Brad's doing OK. I will be praying for daily improvements in health for everyone in your house!

Ronnie and Becky Roberts said...

Brad and Jenni....thank you for keeping so many updated with Brad's progress. Many here at GCoC where your mom and dad serve and worship with us, pray daily for each of you. Your faith and the faith of your family continues to be an inspiration for us. It was very special how your 'aggie' friends exhibited their love for you. Our prayers remain lifting you all up to God, our father.

Believe in Him, Trust in Him, Seek Him.

Ronnie and Becky