Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Honeymoon in Deer Park

My kids are leaving tomorrow morning bright & early to go to Kerrville to stay with Mimi, Dan, Krista, Brother Ashton, Sister Kendall, Aunt Krista, Aunt Gena, Brother Ryan & Brother Regan. These are the names that Zeke has given everyone...he told me just yesterday that he has 3 sisters & 4 brothers. I felt pretty certain that I hadn't given birth to eight children but then I quickly realized that he was referring to all of his cousins + K. Zeke has always wanted a large family so I guess you have to grab siblings where you can get them. This evening while I was putting Zeke to bed, I released the exciting news that he would be going to Kerrville in the morning. (I have always taken Gena's advise and waited until the last minute to tell Zeke so that I don't have to answer 100 times, "is it time yet for me to go to Kerrville?"...I can just hear it now...over & over & over & over.) Zeke was elated at the news...he can't wait!

Grammy & Papa have graciously offered to take the kids for me to meet up with Gena & Dan halfway so that no group has to spend the entire day on the road. Thank you Grammy, Papa, Gena & Dan!!!

While I will miss the kiddos when they're gone, I am going to embrace the sleep with open arms! I honestly do not think I have felt this tired since post-surgery for Brad just after Kaelyn was born. I think it is just the combination of several days in the hospital with Brad + a husband with insomnia + a very sick baby. Just talk to me next week...I plan on being a new woman! I hope to spend much of the next few days either in a bubble bath, or with the massage therapist, or with Brad having a movie fest...it is going to be GREAT! I am definately going to consider it a honeymoon...even if we never leave the house! Brad & I are approaching our 8th anniversary this upcoming Tuesday so I am cooking up some special plans for fun ways to celebrate!

On a different note, I took K back to the pediatrician today to have her ears checked one more time because she didn't sleep well at all last night. He said they were still a little infected, but felt like they would finish clearing up on their own. When I told Dr. Schaffer about K's rash, he said that he thought it was just a result of her virus and did not think it was an allergic reaction to the medication. So, that is good. Her rash is finally gone and I think she is on the mend! At least now I don't have to worry about Kaelyn getting too spoiled in Kerrville b/c she is already completely rotten from me carrying her around the past 2 weeks while she has been sick.

One more thing...Brad is experiencing A LOT of back pain right now. Last night he couldn't sleep because it was giving him so much trouble. To make matters worse, at about 1am he had a back spasaming spell that kept him from being able to catch his breath. This same kind of episode happened last June and Brad's primary care physician ended up sending him by ambulance to the hospital b/c of fear of a blot clot in his lungs. I will say that I was VERY concerned when he woke me up at 1am, but we quickly realized that the pain was muscular and we did what we could to try to get him comfortable. He ended up sleeping pretty ok after taking some motrin and he fell asleep for some of the night....that was fortunate.

We are asking for prayers that Brad's back heal up and the pain quickly subsides. He is ready to focus on his physical therapy for his leg & ready to spend energy on selecting an alternative therapy option....he really does not want to be held up by any further obstacles. We are also praying for good sleep for Brad. He has had quite a lot of trouble sleeping again...he has been struggling with it for the last several weeks. We are praying that he gets good rest in these upcoming weeks so that he can feel refreshed each day and ready to move forward.

We love you all and thanks so much for checking up on our family. We really appreciate you care, love, support & prayers.


Anonymous said...

Can understand the trouble sleeping. I had heart bypass surgery a few years ago and although the surgery was a success, I had a lot of trouble sleepiing while I was recovering. Somewhere in there I read Zephaniah 3:17 which says: "The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. He will take delight in you. He will quiet you with his love. He will rejoice over you with singing." It helped to visualize God actually singing over me and rubbing his hand on my back to quiet me like you do a small child. I also could visualize the Holy Spirit coming to cover me like a blanket. Then if I didn't sleep, I was at least peaceful and could get up in the morning with more energy than I'd had before. We're praying for you. Enjoy your time together this week. Ann and Jerry Jay

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

I hope that he feels relief from his back pain soon. Enjoy your time for rest while you can. You guys are always in our prayers and we love you.

Anonymous said...

Wanted you two to know how honored I was to have the Bosses and the Hannas meet at our house in Schulenburg for the "Big Kid Exchange." What precious children you have. Zeke is so adorable and well-behaved and Kaelyn is beautiful and so friendly. I know you are so proud of them and you should be! Hope this note finds Brad pain-free and you caught up on your sleep - him too! Enjoy your free time and know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Much love. Bobbie Brodsgaard

kara hartleib said...

I was so glad to read that you will be getting some rest this week. I do pray that Brad sleeps well.

da momma said...

praying with you and appreciating your updates! Happy Anniversary, yall are an adorably strong couple!

Rebecca said...

How nice that you guys are getting some alone time together. I know how precious that is.
I love Zeke's assessment of his cousins, they really are just brothers and sisters from different parents. It's great that he can be so close to all of them, even though they are not geographically near.
You guys have a fun time with each other, but if you want to we can schedule scrapbook time too!

Anonymous said...

It seems like yesterday that all of these children were tiny. I love reading the stories of Zeke. He is such a cute character. Hope you both are enjoying your time of rest. Have a wonderful anniversary. It seems liike yesterday that you two got married. You all are continuously in my prayers. Love, Pat G.