Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rockets Shoot-around

Last week, Brad had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being invited to the Rockets Shoot-around inside their private training gym. He was fortunate enough to personally meet some of his favorite players including T-Mac, Battier, & Scola. He & Erik Shoup were able to listen in on the coaching tips and defensive schemes for Wednesday's game against Seattle. One of their favorite parts to see were the players in a relaxed environment, just goofing around with each other. (Man, that Mutombo is a talker!)

It was through the planning of Dr. Marco, his PA Jerry Buchart & Rockets trainer, Keith Jones that it was made possible for Brad. Keith went to great lengths to make Brad comfortable, to introduce him to the players and he gave Brad all kinds of REALLY cool Rockets gear (warm-ups, shorts, hats, etc). We are so appreciative of all their efforts to make this happen for Brad....thank you Keith, Dr. Marco & Jerry...he had such a great time!!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the inspiration of your life and faith, and was thrilled to read this post. (I found your blog by multiple links from friends blogs) Although you don't know me, I sent the Rockets a note about Brad after his unfortunate accident. Obviously, Dr. Marco and his staff have much better connections! I am just thrilled for the experience Brad was able to have, and hope it gives him great happiness while he is healing.

Perks said...

Very, very cool. I thought it was cool but Mike was really, really impressed. So thankful you were able to experience that!