Saturday, April 26, 2008

Visits to the Pediatrician

On Friday I took Zeke in to see our Pediatrician, Dr. Schaffer. I realized at our last visit with Kaelyn (on Monday) that I had not yet brought Zeke in to get his 4-year-old vaccinations. Zeke was SO brave. Zeke knew that he was going in for shots and he remembered his one flu shot the last time we were in to see the doctor. He didn't even cry for his flu shot...I was amazed. I had both the children in the office by myself that trip and I was invisioning having to soothe both kids post-injection....not really sure how I was going to do it. Then the nurse gave Zeke his shot...he gritted his teeth a little and that was it. I kept waiting for him to fall apart but he didn't. I was really shocked at how well he did.

Friday's visit was different...of course I think it had something to do with the fact that he had to get FIVE shots. Yes, you read it correctly....FIVE! Zeke was relatively calm for the first couple of shots but by the third he was some kind of upset. I felt just terrible for him. And, to make matters worse, I had promised him a post-shot prize and I didn't follow through. For Zeke's 3-year-old shots, I was ready with a special light-up sucker. When we left to go to the doctor on Friday, Zeke asked me if he would be getting a juicy sucker at the end of the appointment. Me, thinking that he was talking about the doctor-delivered sugar-free sucker, assured him that he would get his prize. It wasn't until after the FIVE shots were given and he was begging for his juicy light-up sucker that I realized what he was expecting. I really felt like a terrible mother, setting him up for shots and then not delivering his special prize he was waiting for.

Of course, I immediately drove into the nearest pharmacy so that we could find a light-up lollipop. G.G. was with us and she found him a spinning airplane, light-up lollipop...he seemed very satisfied with her selection.

Kaelyn's lastest health update has her with hives. Aunt Lisa decided yesterday that the relentless red rash that was thought to have been Roseola rash must have been hives, an allergic reaction to the Amoxocillin antibiotic she had been taking for her ear infection. She even had hives in her ears and between her fingers and toes...she looked really pitiful.

Kaelyn's health status over the last 3 1/2 weeks.
Friday a week ago-took Kaelyn to the doctor-ear infection
following weekend-high fevers/ very fussy
Monday-back to the doctor-virus
Tuesday afternoon-broke out into a rash
Wednesday-Friday -rash gets worse and worse
Saturday-took Kaelyn off antibiotic and she is looking better!
This upcoming Monday-going back to the doctor to get a new antibiotic! (thus making 4 pediatrician visits in 9 days..that is a record for the Wims')

I think we are headed toward an upcoming healthy week...yeah! We can't wait!


amber dayton said...

Poor Zeke! I couldn't believe when Anna had her four year wcc & got five shots too - that seems mean to a four year old! Glad he got his special sucker in the end. Praying that Kaelyn is back to her healthy sweet self this week!

tamandscott said...

The only way we made Bryce feel better about the five shots was to tell him that it would be like another five or six years before he needed any more! I'm glad he made it through with the help of a light up sucker!!

Anonymous said...

Does anything feel worse than thinking that you dropped the "promise ball"? I remember dropping a few of those along the way. Reading that made me feel for all of you. I don't remember ever having to have 5 shots at one time when my children were small. Mercy! Glad that you eventualy found the special sucker. Hope Kaelyn is much better very soon. Hugs to Sandra and David. Still praying! Jerry and Ann Jay from Granbury

Anonymous said...

Poor Zeke..and man Kaelyn just can't seem to get better. I'm glad they are doing a lot better now.