Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sickie

Kaelyn has been fighting one bug after another recently. First she fought a cold virus for a couple of weeks...then that turned into an ear infection....then she combined that with the Roseola virus. She has been a MESS! Over the last several days...if she hasn't been nursing, sleeping, or watching Baby Einstein..then she has been quite fussy (very unusual). We have all taken turns trying to keep her happy...Granddad pushed her in the stroller for a couple hours at one point, Nonnie has taken her outside to distract her, even Zeke pushed her around in her car....we've all put in our "Kaelyn time" this past week.

She really has been pretty pathetic. I took her outside to try to take a picture of her rash but it really isn't very visible from the camera. So, just trust me....she looks pretty awful. But today was she's on the mend!

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sarahdawn said...

We had a couple of weeks like that with Vivie too. SHe had 3 different viruses in a two week period. It cerainly made me appreciate the healthy days - even when all she has to say to me is "No!" Don't you just love two year olds?