Friday, December 26, 2008

A Wonderful Blessing

Today has been G-R-E-A-T! Brad has felt the best today that he has felt since the very beginning of this month. He went almost the entire day without using his oxygen and that was even with a trip to the mall. This morning Brad & I took Zeke to Build-A-Bear to use some of his gift card money to create a new stuffed animal friend for himself. He has been asking us to take him EVERY DAY since the day he received his first gift card (2 weeks ago) from Lisa & Bryan. He has been SO excited to go....couldn't wait. We made plans the night before to go early and to meet up with Callie & that Callie could help make suggestions to Zeke...being that he was a first-time-bear-creator & she is already a pro at it.

We got up early and got to Build-A-Bear at 8:30am...just after they opened. I was very concerned that we might be at the store with hundreds of other children who had just received their own gift cards on Christmas morning. We were delighted to find that we were just one of two families in the entire store....plenty of room for Brad to move through the store with Zeke as they picked out an animal...selected his clothes & accessories. It was quite an adventure.

So, Zeke brought a new friend home today named Spotty (he ignored his Daddy's promptings to call him something like Sam or Ralph). Zeke has a fairly predictable way of naming all his stuffed animal friends. If the animal
is a frog..his name is Froggy. If the animal is a chihuahua...his name is Chihuahua-y. This naming process drives Brad nuts. Personally I find this discussion hilarious!

Here are a few pictures from today...


Matt, Kara, and Hank (plus Teej) said...

Praise and thanks to our God! So glad to hear it was a great day for you guys. Continued prayers for more and more improvement and healing will not cease.


Don't give up on Zeke's naming style. I had a similar system at his age I think (black dog = Blackie), but later evolved into more 'normal' names like Paco and Gus. =)


Nellie's Nuggets said...

What a fun day! God has richly blessed you and all of the rest of us as well with Brad's good days this last week. It has truly made it a season of hope.

Love Zeke's Spotty. My very first stuffed animal was a cute little brown bear (not a teddy bear, either). I received it from a great aunt for Christmas, and it became my favorite thing. It holds within it's heart many of my deepest secrets from childhool through the teenage years. And the name of this special, beloved animal who resides on my dresser to this very day? You guessed it -BEARY!!

Matt, Kara, and Hank (plus Teej) said...

Cute. :) My favorite was a stuffed lamb. His name? "Yam." I'm pretty sure I was going for "Lamb." I didn't even add a "y" or "ie" to the end.


da momma said...

yay! hyperdash looks fun too! Great indoor exercise game for rainy days :) hugs!