Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Zeke

Have you ever seen a little boy any cuter than this one? He just makes me smile.

Circumstances being what they were on Sunday...I did not get an opportunity to post pictures from Zeke's birthday party. Zeke's actual birthday is the 28th of December. Because we really celebrate his half birthdays in June, we decided to just throw him a "mini-party" on Saturday night while most of our family was in town to celebrate with us. It was a "Knight Party At Night," the theme was picked out by Zeke. His Nonnie made him the castle cake that any knight would be proud of. It was perfect.

Happy 5th Birthday Zeke! Man, you are a cutie! You are such a special little boy. Your love for life, your never-ending energy, your high need for entertainment and friends, your infatuation with stuffed animals, your love for your sister and your family, & your sweet smile make you so unique. You remind me so much of your daddy...he too gathers strength and energy from his friends and family. He also has an infectious smile. And he is also super-cute! ;)

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Darla said...

Happy birthday to your little man! Sounds like a very fun party!