Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lots of Great Pictures....No Way to Post Them

As I have mentioned before, no post ever seems complete to me without a good visual. Well, right now our main computer is on the fritz and that computer is the only one that has a place to download pictures from my camera media card. So, no pictures until I get that computer problem fixed :( sorry!

Kaelyn & I have also been that is my next excuse for why I haven't kept up with the blog this past week. Are 2 excuses enough...or should I try to think of some more?

Brad's 34th birthday was on Saturday. Sandra & David came down for the weekend to help us celebrate. We all went out (along with my parents) on Friday afternoon to eat at Churrasco's, one of Brad's favorite restaurants. We splurged and had was wonderful! Saturday night Brad went out with the guys to Dave & Buster's to hang out and play games...they seemed to have a great time.

I will post pictures and videos at a later date!


Cassandra said...

We are friends of Bryan and Lisa's. Just want you to know that I read your blog often and you are in my thoughts and prayers just about every day.

Cassandra(and Chad) Massie
New Braunfels

Trish and Dave said...

Happy Birthday a few days late Brad.

Trish and Dave