Monday, October 20, 2008


The Hanna's came over this evening to see us off before we leave in the morning for Disney. Lisa and I were playing "Olan Mills" as my Aunt Pam calls it. We walked around with our cameras plastered to our faces, taking bunches of pictures. The kids were all in great moods...really enjoying being outside tonight in the fabulous weather. We decided before they left tonight that Callie & Jack definately needed to come with us again next won't be the same without them!

These two were laughing hysterically at each other...their sweet giggles were really making me cute.

I don't know what the weight limit is on this scooter but I think we maxed it out tonight!


da momma said...

ahh! Sweet kiddos! I love K's bangs! Yall have a fun trip!

Tomilyn said...

Those are great pictutres. It is really neat that the 2nd generation of cousins are close too. Y'all have a wonderful trip.

kj7 said...

Bangs! How cute Jenny. Hope you guys have fun, you sure deserve it!