Monday, October 20, 2008

Diaper Houdini

Thursday evening, 5pm
Bri (our babysitter) came over to keep the kids so that I could go to "Girls Night Out." Before I had a chance to leave, Kaelyn came into my room while I was dressing annoucing, "MOMMA! Guck, MOMMA! Guck" (translation: Guck=Yuck) She walks into the room with arms raised. I look down to see she has fully undressed herself and she has smeared poop from her bottom all over her hand.

I took her into the bathroom, stuck her in the tub, cleaned her and dressed her. Then I went back into my room to finish getting ready. Ten minutes hadn't passed before she came back into my room..."Momma! Guck, Guck"....I'm sure that you can guess the rest. (This child really needs to be potty-trained)

Friday morning, 7am
I am feeling like the most wonderful mom in the world. Zeke is off to Pre-school, everyone has eaten breakfast, I am fully dressed, Kaelyn is fully dressed and I am walking around, making the beds & picking up the house. At one point, I looked around the house and thought, "wow..I am really having a productive morning!" Then Lisa called. She made plans to come over to take Kaelyn to a playdate that morning. In the middle of the conversation. Kaelyn walks into the room, completely naked, every article removed (no socks, no shoes...she even thought to take out the bow). My reaction, "Kaelyn! Where are all your clothes?" She motions to the den and says, "Here, here" We walk into the living area. Her clothes are all in one pile on the left and to the right is a large puddle of pee.

I really don't know what I am going to do with this child. In the next 30 minutes that we waited for Lisa to arrive, Kaelyn got undressed 3 times. By the 3rd time she took her clothes off, I left them off. When Lisa rang the doorbell, I handed her a stack of clothes and the naked child and said, "Good luck with this one."


da momma said...

Oh my goodness! Im rolling! I dont know what to say! Maybe its a phase?? ;)

Tomilyn said...

I think my duct tape idea is sounding better and better! At for the diaper that is. As for the clothes, I have no idea. Let's hope she doesn't pull this while at Disney!;)

Nellie's Nuggets said...

You really must compare notes with Sarah one of these days. I think your K and her V are little soul mates when it comes to clothes and poop. The two of you could write a book!

sarahdawn said...

There's not enough time for details, but let me assure you that you are not alone. I used to think it a little silly to pray about potty training, but it is now a daily practice of mine. I'll add you guys in while I'm praying for me and Sweet V!