Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Married!

My baby brother Matt is getting married! I realized the other day that I never sat down to share this exciting news with everyone, I know..I have been quite a bit behind on the blogging.

Reecie & Matt dated for 7 years through high school/college. Then they took a 7 year break. Mom & I always used to kid Matt about how much we ALWAYS liked Reecie...the other girls he dated in between just weren't up to the "Reecie-standard."

I am super thrilled because now I have a SISTER...yippee! With Brad being an only child once we met....I've never had another (extended) sibling outside of Matty. Yeah...a new sister for me...SO FUN!! :)

Here is the proposal story shared via Reecie.
The last weekend of March Matt really wanted to get out of town at least for the weekend and he suggested Austin. We got to Austin late Friday because I really needed to work late but we were happy to just getaway for the weekend. Saturday we woke up and went jogging around town lake and then had breakfast. It was BEAUTIFUL outside and Matt suggested going to Mount Bonnell for a quick hike. He told me that it was pretty short so I was a little surprised when he brought his camelback with us but didn’t think much about it. Once we were at the top of Mount Bonnell we could see over the lake and city sky line. There were a lot of people around and Matt kept trying to find a more secluded spot. After we sat down he opened his camelback and then told me he brought champagne… he quickly told me that he brought me another present and needed to ask me a question. It was very sweet and the day was amazing and of course my answer was "YES".

Reecie & Matt plan to get married in Carmel, California on October 16th
We are all VERY excited about a fun, destination wedding!

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