Monday, May 10, 2010

Camp El Tesoro

My sweet friend, Tammie Shelton invited us to join her & her two boys for a "Mom & Me" camp at El Tesoro this past weekend. My kids, of course, were elated to have the opportunity to go camping...especially with friends. Zeke was so fired up about the adventure that he told me on the way to Fort Worth, "Mom, I'm so glad that you decided to come with me on this great trip." (I'm not sure how else he would have gotten there so I guess it was good I went :)

We spent time swimming in the creek, fishing for minnows, looking for frogs, hunting for butterflies, doing crafts, making smores over the fire, singing camp songs, trying our hand at archery, and going on hikes. It was a blast! Kaelyn rode on my back for ALL of the hikes...her little 3-year-old legs just couldn't quite keep up with everyone else...but with all the other activities she was right in the mix.

The kids and I enjoyed ourselves so much we may have to make this a new Mother's Day tradition. Thanks Tammie for the invite to join in on the fun!
Lunch at the mess hall with our entire group!
The high-point of Camp El Tesoro

Zeke was like a mountain goat climbing up and down the rocks on his own...he is becoming quite the adventurer!

Me carrying the little koala bear

This was Zeke's "most-favorite part"....swimming in the creek with his sister


Twins Squared said...

Jenny these are great photos and looks like they had tons of fun! You are amazing for carrying her - I probably would have fallen over! :) What fun memories for your kids.

tamandscott said...

We had a great time and are sooo glad you were there to enjoy it with us!