Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers!

I LOVE flowers....I love the colors and they just make me happy. Brad used to always work forever in our beds to make them look great. This is the first season that I have worked on them and now I have a little helper who likes to water (half on the plants and half on herself).

These are the sacrificial lantana that I chose to put in the mailbox flower beds. It really never seems to matter what I put in those two boxes....nothing ever lives there. Poor lantana....I wonder how long they will last....I give them 2 weeks...max.

On a tough day last week, Lisel sent me these gerber flower of choice! I LOVE gerber daisys! And, I will report they are still alive and well....even a week later!

I also got this BEAUTIFL arrangement sent to the house today and it came with.....

this note.....


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