Monday, October 5, 2009

Selling Brad's Truck

Dad & I have spent the last few weeks prepping Brad's truck to sell. I have decided to sell both of our large, gas-guzzling vehicles so that I can purchase one very-gas-efficient Prius. (14-18mpg versus 45-52mpg) The difference in our gas budget is enough to push me to make a change.

I gave a little thought to keeping the truck to give to Zeke in 11 years. While I loved the idea of it....that plan just did not seem at all many variables to consider.

I didn't think that selling the truck would be that challenging for me emotionally but I will say that when it came down to it, I was surprised at how difficult it has been. The truck represented some really happy times for us over the last couple of years....Brad was so excited to get it and we took some very memorable trips in that vehicle. Not to mention the fact that it is a one SWEET RIDE! :)

So, I took some pictures to remember it by and now I am flipping through prius is a season for change and time for something different for our family.


The Texas Hoaglands said...

Jenny, that is a sweet ride! It reminds me that you are still going down so many roads towards healing, but have so many memories to also cherish. I am thinking of you and envying the gas mileage you will be getting! God Bless, Sally H.

tamandscott said...

It is hard to let things go, especially the things that remind you of happy times. You are brave and strong and a complete inspiration to me. It IS a season of change!! ;) Love you!

da momma said...

What a pretty ride! You are still so very brave and honest! I love ya and miss ya girl! Wheres the videos?? :)

Jenny Wims said...

My camera that takes videos died when it drown in my backpack full of water at Disney during the Tropical Depression in May. I sure miss that little camera :)