Monday, October 5, 2009

Like Granddad, Like Grandson

I have seen a lot of strange things in my life, but few exceed the strangeness in the palette of David Wims. I have seen my father-in-law eat some of the weirdest combinations of foods that one would ever consider eating together. The one that always turns my stomach is when he heaps 3 or 4 tablespoons of mayonaise onto a cracker and then eats it...YUCK!

I don't even like mayonaise...I don't like the way is looks, I don't like its consistency...I don't like the way it smells and I really don't like it touching anything that I might even consider consuming. Brad and I definately shared our hatred toward this condiment.

Unfortunately over the past year I have watched my son develope a strong affinity for mayo. ICK, I has been hard to tolerate. Well, yesterday was the worst. Zeke decided to select mayo as his dessert choice and then chose to top it with chocolate sauce. It was disgusting...I almost lost my dinner and I could hardly watch.

Thank you Granddad for your amazing influence on this child. I KNOW that I have you to thank for this. :)

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Chocolate and mayonnaise--not so far-fetched! I have a recipe for a chocolate mayonnaise cake that is delicious! Maybe he's on to something.

Debi K