Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip to North Carolina

Kaelyn & I are visiting my grandparents in Winston Salem this weekend. Since Zeke is officially tied down to school, he stayed home with his best friend Gavin, then on to College Station this weekend with the Hanna's.

Kaelyn was perfect for the flight...she napped almost the entire way...I couldn't have planned it more perfectly myself :) K & I are staying with Aunt Pam and Uncle Don at their house which happens to be only 15 minutes from my grandparents. Pam and Don picked us up from the airport this afternoon and we came straight over to take a swim in their heated pool. It was lots of fun. During the swim, Kaelyn found a little friend catching some sun poolside. When Aunt Pam asked her what her bugs name was, K told her it was "Caterpillow." Kaelyn thought the caterpiller was "so cute" and insisted on talking to it using her baby voice (the voice she uses when speaking with any child younger/smaller than her). It was hilarious.

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