Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kaelyn Strikes Again

For such a smart child...I really wonder about this one from time to time. I walked into the bathroom last week to find Kaelyn taste-testing the variety of diaper creams that were on her changing table.

The first picture I took as she was telling me, "I don't like it Momma...tastes yucky" No kidding. Big surprise there. Does anyone know if diaper cream is non-toxic?

I must also add that in the past month Kaelyn has been found squirting foot cream antibiotic from a needle-less suringe into her mouth and she has been caught squeezing neosporin on her toothbrush. GROSS!!!

Oh, Mom's got the camera out...better smile!


HeatherJ said...

Haha! Must be a fascination with squeeze tubes.
I accidently brushed my teeth with diaper cream in the dark one time. Awful! I think I had the same look on my face.

Anonymous said...

sounds like it's time for a locked medicine cabinet. :-) obviously it must not have hurt her too bad.

Sending prayers for you all.