Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaelyn's Closet

Kaelyn has become quite fascinated with clothing recently. She is obsessed with changing her clothes multiple times through out the day. While I am excited to see her wardrobe getting put to use, I am tiring of tripping over socks, shoes, panties and outfits all day long. Mom counted the other day and realized that Kaelyn had changed outfits 6 times in 2 hours.

The following pictures feature some of Kaelyn's wardrobe-creating talent. The black shoes were recent hand-me-downs from our friend Lizzy. Kaelyn LOVES these shoes and finds them to be appropriate to wear at any time...to the gym, to school, to play outside...a good dressy heel can be an excessory for any outfit!

I do have to brag on this girl for a minute. In the past week and a half Kaelyn has moved out of her room with her brother, moved from her crib into a "big-girl" bed, stopped taking a bottle at bedtime, and has practically potty-trained herself. When Kaelyn sets her mind to something...she gets it done! I'm so proud of all her recent accomplishments...she is doing GREAT!

A Kaelyn story: This morning Kaelyn and I were in our seperate bathrooms getting dressed and ready for the day. I could hear the water running in her sink (for quite some time) and I finally called to her, "Kaelyn, quit playing in the water...turn the sink off!" She replied, "I'm not playing in the water Mommy, I am washing the potty water off my toy." Yuck! Why had her toy been in the toilet?...I refrained from asking a lot of questions and instead replied, "Ok, make sure you use soap on the toy and your hands." And I left it at that. :)


Justin and Julie said...

She looks like quite the fashionista! :) She is beautiful!

allison hanna said...

What a little diva! At least she matches...she could teach Callie a trick or two about that.