Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Wild Oaks Ranch in San Antonio

This year, for Christmas the Wims/Hanna/Bosse families met at the Wild Oaks Ranch in San Antonio to celebrate. The facilities were fantastic and the kids really enjoyed using the indoor heated pool...complete with water slide! There were even outdoor pre-lit fire pits to roast marshmallows for smores. The location ended up being perfect for our group ...we really had a great time.
K loved present opening. She would open up a gift and add it to her collection which she would carry around in her arms until she opened up another to add to her pile. Each time she opened a gift, she excitedly exclaimed, "wow...this is JUST what I wanted!" It was so fun to watch her excitement!

We had lots and lots and lots of pool fun! The kids even convinced me to go to the outdoor water slide TWICE....now I must add that the outdoor temp at that time was in the low 40's. It was FREEZING as I RAN top speed to the top of to water slide....what a rush! Lots of fun! I screamed the whole way.
Decorating Christmas cookies....a yearly tradition.

Posted by Picasa Two cuties!

Posted by Picasa I took this picture of everyone who happened to be wearing white on Christmas morning....I missed the memo :)

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