Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Park Pics

We also went to the park to try out the swings...K LOVES to swing!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kaelyn at Kemah

Zeke went to visit Nonnie & Gwanddad this week. While he was away, Kaelyn & I went to Kemah with G.G. & Papa C. for dinner and entertainment. Kaelyn loved the train and the water spout play area. It was a lot of fun to watch her run around getting drenched.

Kaelyn saw Sponge Bob and decided she had to stop and pose with him for a picture.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Surprise Visit from Krista & Kendall

Krista & Kendall gave us a happy surprise yesterday by stopping by the house unexpectedly. Kaelyn had just woken up from her nap and was thrilled to see Kendall standing at the foot of the bed. The best part of the afternoon was playing outside in a HUGE rainstorm. Kaelyn wasn't too sure about it at first but as soon as she saw how much fun Kendall and I were having...she slowly started to join in. The lightning and thunder were INCREDIBLE...very fun to watch!

Keeping Macie

Kaelyn & I took our first "official" Macie babysitting duty yesterday morning while Lisa & the kids went to Galveston. Kaelyn was quite taken with the responsibility for the first half hour and then got a little annoyed with some of Macie's crying. At one point K leaned over Macie, put her finger to her lips and said "SHHHHH QUIET!"

By lunchtime, while I was feeding Macie, Kaelyn instructed me that I needed to "put Macie down and hold her (Kaelyn) with two hands." I think K had had enough Mommy sharing at that point.

Silly baby!

New From The Wims Farm

We came home from Padre to find a HUGE-mungous eggplant growing in the garden! I have never seen an eggplant this big competes with a small pumpkin in size. I have decided that after seeing Papa and Zeke in action, they really do have quite the "green" thumbs.

Trip to S. Padre

The kids & I spent last week on the beach at S. Padre. Zeke is a BIG beach fan and had a great time jumping/diving through the waves. At one point I took him out to the deeper part of the water...2 waves came crashing over his head, causing him to flip completely over, feet in the air. I expected him to come up screaming from the salt water that MUST have poured into his face and nose, but instead he came up laughing and laughing. He loved it.

Zeke was being quite the goofball during most of these shots...I was about to strangle him at one can tell by the strained look on my face in a couple of the pictures :)

AFC Girls c/o 2000 Reunion at Camp Creek

Two weekends ago the AFC Girls class of 2000 had another reunion at Jenny Winter's parents lake house at Camp Creek. The Russells have a beautiful lake home that they offered for us to use that weekend and it was perfect! The kids and I were headed to the beach on Saturday so we only dropped by for Friday night's festivities...but we had a GREAT time.

Paige took us out for a little paddleboat tour, Zeke and I enjoyed some pretty intense dock diving. I said a little prayer each time before we dove in...hoping there was not a submerged tree in our diving path. Fortunately, Zeke and I came out without broken bone or injury. Of course, Zeke thought it was a blast!

Later that evening we enjoyed a great crawfish meal, created by Chef Katie. It was yummy...Zeke kept saying, "Wow Mom, I really like this food." After dinner the kids went outside with Jenny to feed the deer. It was unbelievable how close they would walk up to us. You could almost reach out and touch them.

Before bed Zeke read his sister a couple of bedtime stories...they were so sweet laying there together. I am so proud of the way that Zeke takes care of Kaelyn...he is an amazing big brother to her.

We sat around for the latter part of the evening sharing about the latest "happenings" in our lives...who had new babies, new jobs, new homes, new was wonderful to see everyone and have the opportunity to catch up. God has richly blessed my life by giving me the friendships of these remarkable women.