Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kids In Kerrville

Last week while I was down with a horrible case of tonsilitus, sweet Krista, Gena, MeMe & Dan took care of my kids in Kerrville while I recovered. Thank you Bosse/Robertson family! I was pitifully useless and was in desperate need of rest...I was so grateful that they were able to take the kids so that I could recover and get some of my work done without interruption.

While the kids were there, Nonnie & Granddad came for a visit too. Zeke and Kaelyn were thrilled to see them...what a treat!

My monkeys are coming home feels like they have been gone for such a long time...I can't wait to see them! :)

This is Zeke's rendition of Shamu "breaching" the water (in case you weren't sure what he was doing here).

Who's crazy kids are these?

Additional stories from Gena during the visit:

Zeke went with me and the boys to see the fireworks at the title company
because it is a great spot--really up close. He loved them but as soon as
he got in the car I was asking him which ones he liked the best, etc. and
finally he said, "Ok, enough talking, I am going to sleep now!"

Also, all day yesterday KK kept saying that she didn't want to go to the
fireworks because she didn't like them and they scared her. We kept
reassuring her that she wasn't going to go that she could stay there with
Dan. Anyway, when I was leaving last night she wanted to go with me and
Nonnie told her that BB was going to see the fireworks and that she didn't
like fireworks so she needed to stay there. KK looked right at her and
said, " I LOVE fireworks!"

The next pic is K laughing at Ryan's dancing and then a pic of them
dancing together. She is really taken with Ryan this trip. She told Meme
yesterday that Ryan was KK's boy not MeMe's boy. Ryan is, of course, eating
that up!

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