Friday, July 24, 2009

Surprise Visit from Krista & Kendall

Krista & Kendall gave us a happy surprise yesterday by stopping by the house unexpectedly. Kaelyn had just woken up from her nap and was thrilled to see Kendall standing at the foot of the bed. The best part of the afternoon was playing outside in a HUGE rainstorm. Kaelyn wasn't too sure about it at first but as soon as she saw how much fun Kendall and I were having...she slowly started to join in. The lightning and thunder were INCREDIBLE...very fun to watch!


Michelle May said...

Hi Jenny, I miss you so much. Can we get together before school starts back up?

Love you,

Luke, Holly, and Isaiah said...

We don't know each other, but we do know some of the same people (my husband, Luke, worked with Grant & Paige at Trek in CO) and being in the C of C, there are probably many other connections. I just want to say that your blog really inspires and encourages me. So often, I let my mind fill with fears of "what would happen if I lost my husband/kids/etc.", and your life is the answer that the Lord reminds me of. He would still be good, His church would take care of my family, He would raise up people to minister to me in unexpected ways, and life would STILL have joy and sweetness and laughter and beauty in it even through grief and very difficult circumstances. I know this blog is primarily for people you have actually met :), but thank you for also sharing your life with people you don't even know!
And, I have to say that I hope you frame that pic of you and the kids walking together on the beach. It's really beautiful.
In Christ, Holly Tallon

Tricia said...

You are such a great mom!!! You really are, wow!