Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jack Attack!

Later in the evening we gathered at the back of the building to watch the kids run through the obstacle course and to watch the 3-legged races. There was an area off to the side that held a small kiddie pool with water and oversized sponges.

At one point while I was talking to Janel Hopper, I caught a glimpse of Jack racing towards me with 2 large RED sponges that looked like they were covered in paint. I stop mid-sentence and because I am wearing all white, begin to quickly reach down to save my dress from certain disaster. The frightening part was my "knee-jerk" reaction was to grab my skirt and raise it up over my head to avoid paint getting on my clothes. Luckily, just as my hands touched the hem of my dress, my brain kicked in to alert me to the fact that flashing my church congregation just to avoid red paint was probably not the best idea I had ever had. So, instead I caught Jack by the arms and tried to keep from getting completely covered. FORTUNATELY, the sponges just looked like they had paint on them and really only had muddly, grassy, goopy water on them so that was not as bad.

As the realization of what I had almost done began to set into my mind, I was practically rolling with laughter. As I bent over laughing, I lost my balance and nearly fell into the kiddie pool on the ground. That certainly didn't help me regain composure. As I started to steady myself, Jack had managed to regroup and came at me from behind, dampening the back of my legs with those muddy sponges. I screamed in surprise and laughed only harder.

That really have to watch that kid...he is a sneaky one!


Kevin & Tiffany Daniels said...

That is too cute and funny! I wish I could have been there to witness. Fun times at SE!

kj7 said...

It was quite a scene Jenny! Thanks for giving us a laugh. Watching Jack chase all the grown ups and they were actually running full speed. Hilarious

Lisa Hanna said...

Yeah, well, what can I say about my most hilarious little child! (and uncontrolled, mischevious, little squirt!) Soooooo glad those sponges didn't have paint like I thought they did!

Anonymous said...

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