Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Visit to SA with Trish & Austin

The kids and I went to San Antonio last weekend to meet up with my friend Trish and her son Austin. Trish & I became close over the last few years when our husbands were diagnosed with the same rare type of cancer, chondrosarcoma. In September I flew up to Minnosota to visit her and to climb her state high point. It was at that time we planned for her to come and visit me in Texas in February.

We toured many of the typical San Antonio tourist hot spots...we went to the Riverwalk, we stopped by the Alamo, we went to the Ripley's Museum, we had ice cream at Marble Slab, we drove to the Natural Bridge Caverns Nature Reserve, ate some yummy Texas BBQ and we played outdoors so that she and Austin could soak in the the warm Texas weather (a big change from temps in the teens where Trish is from...Burr!)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kaelyn's Birthday Party

In order to simplify things this year, instead of hosting another "at-home" party, I decided to host Kaelyn's party at a local gymnastics center. The party turned out to be so easy and so much fun, I don't know if I will ever host another party at home again! ;) The kids seemed to have a great time...even including Uncle Matt who had at much fun on the equipment as all the little kids. And it was neat to see how much Kaelyn enjoyed gymnastics...I may need to enroll her!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kaelyn's class had a little Valentine's party at her school today. It was fun to see Kaelyn within that environment amongst all of her peers. She certainly seems to have a wonderful time learning new things with all of her friends.

Two sweet friends

The kids and I decided to email our Valentine message to Chloe & Mr. Brady...

Exciting News...

Last week Brady & I, along with several of his friends and family members, took a ski trip to Tahoe, California.

We stayed in this beautiful hotel overlooking the lake.

We spent the first day ice skating and watching the Superbowl.

The second day was spent snowboarding at Heavenly.

The third day we drove to Sierra for more snowboarding.

The fourth day we decided to take a snowmobiling adventure into the mountains.

We stopped at a great scenic overlook to take pictures.

We took a group shot.

Then we took some pictures of Jay (Brady's brother) & Therese (sister-in-law).

Then Therese took some of us while Jay took some "panoramic video footage of the view."

At the end of this photo session, Brady asked me to be his wife (yippee!)

We are getting married (yippee!)

We celebrated that night on a riverboat tour of the lake.

The fifth day we skied at Squaw Valley, the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

On the sixth day we rested. Every week-long vacation needs a down-day to recover from all the fun!

Words cannot express how excited I am about what lies ahead for our future. God's provision has proved to be so much greater than I would have ever imagined. Brady is such an amazing man and Chloe is such a precious baby. I cannot wait to share my life with him & our 3 children. I am abundantly blessed.

Amidst the excitement, this is the Acapella songs that keeps running through my mind...

More Pictures...