Friday, February 11, 2011

Kaelyn's 4th Birthday!

My sweet K turned four on Friday. It is impossible to comprehend how she snuck up to that age so quickly, but here we are. She insists, however, that because celebrations were held on her behalf on both Friday and Sunday that she is "actually" 5 years old. She blew out candles twice, so she must have tacked on an extra year both of those times. No matter how much Zeke & I try to explain that those were just celebrations and she is only four....she is unconvinced.

What do I love most about this sweet child?
-she loves to state her mind
-she makes us laugh all the time (even though she says she doesn't want to be funny...completely opposite of her brother who ALWAYS works to make everyone laugh at him)
-she loves to cuddle
-she is a thinker
-she loves animals & is deathly afraid of spiders
-she loves spending time with friends & family
-she loves to be read to
-she is full of expression
-she loves to sing & dance
-she loves to dress up and has a "unique" sense of style
-she loves her mommy and gives the BEST hugs!

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~Debra said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! She looks like such a character. I bet she is a hoot to listen to!