Friday, March 4, 2011

Memories I Don't Want To Forget...

1. Several months ago Zeke and I were having a discussion about the plans in our near future. Zeke said, "Mom, if you and Mr. Brady get married then Chloe will be my baby sister."
J: That's right Zeke
Z: Then it will be even 3 to 3
J: What do you mean?
Z: You know, it will be you, Kaelyn and Chloe, then me, Mr. Brady, & Bucky
J: Oh...I see. Well then, we don't need to have any more babies...because it is even 3:3
Z: Oh have to have another boy because there are GIRLS EVERYWHERE!

A few moments later...
Z: When "we" get married then we will get to travel all over the world. We will get to go to Sea World, Disney World and even the North Pole to see Santa! And when we are married, Mr. Brad will be my new daddy and I will call him "Dad."
(so sweet)

2. The next day at dinner. Zeke turns to his sister...
Z: Guess what! Mr. Brady & Mommy are going to get married and he will be our new daddy.
K: YAY...a DADDY!!!
Z: and Chloe will be our new sister!
K: HOORAY...a new "ST-ISTER!"
Z: And after that we will move to San Antonio.

3. On the way home from school one afternoon Kaelyn asked me...
K: Mommy, are we getting married this weekend?
J: No, we aren't getting married for a few more months.
K: But I want my new daddy NOW!!!
J: What are you going to do with him once you have him?
K: I will put him to bed, feed him dinner and he will go to, first he will brush his teeth and then he will go to sleep.

At first I thought, that is really weird but then I quickly realized that those are the memories she has of her daddy because Brad was already sick when she was born. All of her memory life has him in our room, in bed. It is amazing to see what her little mind is thinking about and to hear about her life from her perspective.


Laura said...

Glad to see you back posting. Hope all has been well with you and your family. May the Lord be with you now and always.

Dee Stephens said...

I'm a new follower but have followed Brady's blog for sometime. This is so sweet and makes my heart melt.
I am so happy that you two found each other.
So special and deserving. I hope you guys add to your family.

DAWN Braun said...

so sweet Jenny, thanks for sharing such wonderful bits of your kiddos!