Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zeke's Writing

Zeke brought these journals home from Kindergarten last year and put them in my hands. It made my heart swell with pride to read them. I am so grateful to see how well Zeke is able to express himself through pictures and writing. He is such an unbelievably sweet, kind, and loving child. I am so proud that God has entrusted me to be his Mommy.
The Mommy Journal
"I like to swim with my mommy."

"I like to sleep with my mommy."

"I like to snuggle with my mommy." And boy does he! This child will drop anything for snuggling or wrestling. I think one of his primary love languages is touch, just like his mommy and daddy!
The Daddy Journal
"I like to wrestle with my daddy."

"My daddy liked to play the Wii with me."

"I like to play basketball with him."

Zeke also wrote journals about Bucky and Granddad...two other very important figures in his life. So sweet.

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