Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweet Siblings

At the beginning of this past summer, K and Zeke started to sleep together at night. They are both such social sleepers...they much prefer to be next to a buddy than to sleep alone. I came into the bedroom tonight to check on them and found them like this. They are so kind and loving to each other. I pray that their friendship continues to grown through the years and that they are always able to remain close.

Dear Father,

Please watch over Zeke and Kaelyn as they grow. First and foremost Lord, I pray that they continue to seek out an intimate relationship with you. I pray that they remain close friends and that they are able to support each other at each stage of their life. Help them to show others your unconditional love.

Help me Father to guide their hearts. Help me to lead them by example.

Thank you Father for entrusting them to me. I am blessed beyond measure.



Kimberly said...

sweet photo! i don't know why, but i love pictures of kids as they sleep. there's something so peaceful about them.

Anonymous said...

Your children are so precious! I hear about those 2 all the time from Merla. Cherish these times, children grow up so fast and before you know it they are already off at college and some are getting married. Trust me, I know because I there right now.
Darla Burton