Friday, April 9, 2010

Kaelyn's Visit to the ER

Two weeks ago our family was having dinner over at the Hanna's one evening. While the kids were playing outside with Uncle Bryan, somehow Jack & Kaelyn collided...K ended up throwing her face into a parked car. She split her head open, busted her mouth and managed to really scratch her knee. Of all the injuries, she was most concerned about her knee scrape above all else.

Mom & I drove Kaelyn across Houston to an ER on the Northwest side of town. We chose that location because it was referred to us by another ER doctor and it sounded like a great spot because they weren't busy that night. I must say, it was the fastest ER visit I have ever been a part of. I think we were in and out in about 40 minutes. The doctor very carefully glued K's head closed with Derma-glue and then covered the cut with steri-strips, warning us to make sure she kept it dry and left it alone.

We got back home that night at about midnight. The next morning when I put Kaelyn in the bath tub (to finish cleaning her knee scrape which still had gravel in it...ouch), I warned Kaelyn that she had to be VERY careful to keep her head dry. I went in the next room to get her clean clothes and when I walked back into the bathroom, Kaelyn had removed the steri-strips, reopened the wound and blood was trickling down her forehead again....AHHHHH!!!!

Luckily Aunt Lisa had more steri-strips on hand at home so she closed the wound again. We coached Kaelyn to LEAVE her head ALONE and she managed to not touch her head for the next week and a half....long enough to let the cut heal. Whew!

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Lisa said...

Oh, no! Poor little girl. Isn't it amazing that they can just glue those things shut!