Monday, August 31, 2009

More "Miracles For Fun"

Our gracious friends are so kind to host the second annual Miracles for Fun Golf Tournament, benefitting the Brad Wims Memorial Fund. For more information visit the website at They are currently accepting registrations for golfers, sponsors, and volunteers for this year's Tournament and Concert. The tournament will be held on November 7, 2009 at Eagle Pointe Golf Club in Mont Belvieu, TX (25 miles East of Houston).

In addition this year there will be a
Benefit Concert – Featuring Vocal Union
at Southeast Church of Christ
2400 W. Bay Area Blvd
Friendswood, TX 77546
November 7, 2009 @ 6:30 PM
*Each registered golfer receives 2 tickets to the concert.
Individual tickets are $10.
Children under 5 are free.

Winners from last year's tournament

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hummingbirds

While we were in Kerrville last week Kaelyn took an interest in bird watching from MeMe and Dan's back windows. One morning K and MeMe stood at the window and watched the hummingbirds dipping into the feeder. Kaelyn thought they were fantastic. MeMe, being the former teacher, took it upon herself to add to the educational opportunity by letting K know that the hummingbirds were dipping into the flowers to eat..they were actually eating sugar.

K stopped and looked at her for a moment and then asked, "Do they like chocolate? I like chocolate!"

Sweet Siblings

Zeke & Kaelyn were both awake at 5:20am this morning (one of several reasons we are moving Kaelyn to her own they will quit waking each other up!). I went into their room and told them it was still the middle of the night and they needed to go back to sleep. I went back to bed and fell immediately back to sleep myself. At 6:30am there is a knock on my door. In come K and Zeke, as awake and as full of energy as I have ever seen them. I can barely peel my eyelids open. Zeke then proclaims proudly that he has been "entertaining Kaelyn this morning so that I could sleep." (ie they have both been up and moving since 5:20) "I took care of her Momma...we played toys, we read stories, I let her climb in my bed and we did not come out until I saw light outside my window...isn't that good Momma?"

Such a great big brother...he melts my heart he is just SO sweet!

K's Big First Day

Kaelyn was SO excited when I told her this morning that she would be going to school today. Her response, "just like Bubba?" Me: "Yes!" (only a lot less structure, only 5 hours and only twice a week...but yes, just like Bubba's!)

So, K got herself her winter clothes I might pull up on so her pants wouldn't stay she pitched those. I had to talk her out of that velvet long-sleeved thing to put on what I thought would be more appropriate August attire.

As I packed her up to get her ready she decided that she needed to view every item in great detail. She gave her lunch a good thurough check (if you are curious about the dino lunch kit...we couldn't find her purple kit this morning...I had to make do), she nap tested her bed roll and she checked to make sure I had enough diapers. I really don't know what I would have done without her help! I'm certain that I would have forgotten something :)

More Training :)

Kaelyn and I will be working on several new things in the upcoming weeks. We are starting to get really serious about potty-training, we are going to move her into her very own room and we are going to pitch the evening bottle routine (gasp, yes.. I know...she is 2 and a half and still takes a bottle before bed). I would appreciate any prayers for any number of the above 3 agendas. :) I'll let you know how we are doing as we progress.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Fun in the Rain & Mud

We went to the park several weeks ago and right after we arrived the skies opened up and poured on us. Of course Zeke thought that made the adventure all the more exciting! Kaelyn was a little uncertain from time to time but she warmed up. The rain also brought some fabulous mud to play fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Zeke's First Day of Kindergarten

Zeke was very excited about his first day of school. We were so blessed this year for Zeke to be in an amazing class with Mrs. Petty at San Jacinto Elementary. He is also in the same room with his BFF Gavin and another friend, Tyler. So, there were several familiar faces in the room with him today. Not to mention that our neighbor (Gavin's mom, Alicia) is subbing as an aid in the room with him this week. Needless to say, his transition to a new school and a new class was not difficult for him.

Zeke raised his hand during group time today and Mrs. Petty told him that because he had raised his hand and waited so patiently, that she would call on him to see what he needed. Zeke firmly announced "I really love school!" So, there you have it.

I asked Zeke once he got home what parts of the day were his favorite and he told me "everything." What more could a mom want for her child?

The gang: Stevee (Gavin's sister), Zeke, Gavin, and Tyler

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prepping for Kinder

Ok, I have been a kindergarten teacher before so I have some kind of an idea going into this for what to expect...but good grief! I cannot believe the amount of paperwork I have filled out to enroll Zeke in school this year. No exaggeration, I spent at least 3 hours hunting supplies (not to mention the time that Nonnie & Granddad spent looking for me), & I spent at least 4 hours reading the notes and materials and writing checks and sending cash and signing permissions and filling out forms...sheesh! My next door neighbor has 2 kids...does that mean she spent 8 hours filling all this out. The picture below shows the mess I had made in an attempt to get Zeke ready for Monday. I hope he is prepared after all of this.

Has anyone else spent their weekend prepping?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trip to Maine

Last week I went with a friend to Baxter State Park in Maine to climb the high point, Mt. Katahdin (5268 feet). The climb was amazing...great weather, unbelievable altogether perfect day. I have never visited Maine before so I enjoyed seeing what the state had to offer. It was some of the most beautiful country I have every seen...quite an adventure. Can't wait to climb FUN!

One of the spectacular views (during the majority of the hike you could look out and see scenes just like this was spectacular)

This picture reminds me of "Where's Waldo"..."Where's Jenny" amidst all the large boulders?

Me, pretending to fall off "Knife Edge" :)

The view from our lean-to at our campsite. Love it!

Our first night in a hammock...that was also great...I highly recommend it.

After the climb, we went and stayed with another friend at his lake house in Palermo, Maine. This picture is of me standing on a rock in the middle of the lake. I think it is great because it looks like I am walking on that takes talent!

The view in the evening, looking over the lake.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Aunt Gena, Ryan & Reagan went to Nonnie & Gwanddad's while Zeke was visiting. Zeke was thrilled to get the chance to run around with the boys. They played on the golf course and took a trip to the Fort Worth zoo (Nonnie's favorite activity...she LOVES the animal smells :)