Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Siblings

Zeke & Kaelyn were both awake at 5:20am this morning (one of several reasons we are moving Kaelyn to her own they will quit waking each other up!). I went into their room and told them it was still the middle of the night and they needed to go back to sleep. I went back to bed and fell immediately back to sleep myself. At 6:30am there is a knock on my door. In come K and Zeke, as awake and as full of energy as I have ever seen them. I can barely peel my eyelids open. Zeke then proclaims proudly that he has been "entertaining Kaelyn this morning so that I could sleep." (ie they have both been up and moving since 5:20) "I took care of her Momma...we played toys, we read stories, I let her climb in my bed and we did not come out until I saw light outside my window...isn't that good Momma?"

Such a great big brother...he melts my heart he is just SO sweet!

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