Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prepping for Kinder

Ok, I have been a kindergarten teacher before so I have some kind of an idea going into this for what to expect...but good grief! I cannot believe the amount of paperwork I have filled out to enroll Zeke in school this year. No exaggeration, I spent at least 3 hours hunting supplies (not to mention the time that Nonnie & Granddad spent looking for me), & I spent at least 4 hours reading the notes and materials and writing checks and sending cash and signing permissions and filling out forms...sheesh! My next door neighbor has 2 kids...does that mean she spent 8 hours filling all this out. The picture below shows the mess I had made in an attempt to get Zeke ready for Monday. I hope he is prepared after all of this.

Has anyone else spent their weekend prepping?


Debi said...

I loved the pictures of Zeke's first day. He seems to be happy to be there and so self-confident. Good luck with all the paperwork. This is where it begins, and and when he's still a senior you'll be doing "mommy homework" as I called it. Enjoy the ride.

Sally said...

Oh Jenny, I have 2 kids in school and one will be there next year. I am still searching for school supplies to fill the requirements and the paperwork....I am with you, very time consuming, and every year you have to fill the same stuff out AGAIN! Whew, congratulations on Zeke's first day. I also had a 1st Day Kindergartner, and he loved it too. I am so glad you are doing well and congratulations on your climb. Your kids probably think you walk on water, so make sure to frame that photo as a tribute to your past few years, you are amazing.....have a wonderful first week of school! Sally H.