Friday, June 26, 2009

Party Pics

Last weekend we celebrated Zeke's "half-birthday" (5 1/2) along with Callie's 6 year birthday. We had our family and lots of friends join us for a pool party celebration. It was plenty warm enough so the kids played in the pool almost the entire was lots of fun!

Zeke & his daddy shared December birthdays (Brad-Dec 6th & Zeke Dec 28th) and just after Zeke was born Brad insisted that we start the tradition of celebrating Zeke's birthday in June. Brad always felt that having a birthday so close to Christmas was a terrible time....everyone is focused on the holidays plus he felt that it was either feast of famine when it came to gifts during the year.

Brad's presence was greatly missed over the weekend. The birthday party was Saturday and Father's Day was Sunday. I was so thankful to have Lisa's help in organizing everything for the joint celebration....Brad always did the bulk of the party brainstorming/planning so I certainly missed all of his help this year. Holidays and celebrations were always SO exciting to him...I truly think that he was more excited than the kids for most events.

As I watched Zeke blow out his candles I thought about how much I wanted Brad there with us in that moment. Then I paused and thought about the celebration that he must be enjoying right now, alongside of Christ...and I can only imagine all the fun he must be having.


da momma said...

Happy half to Zeke! We may be doing half bdays for Aydia as she gets older since hers is on 12/25!!! I think thats a great idea! Your honest heart contiues to touch me! I love you sweet friend! You are a beautiful mommy!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Half bdays I love them... what a great time... Zeke is so tan... wow he must live outside... keep the pics coming I love to see you guys.

McFarland Family said...

Happy Half birthday zeke!! What a great idea to celebrate is 1/2 birthday!!

Michelle May said...

Wonderful pictures, Jen! Happy Birthday, Zekel!!!

Love you dearly, sweet friend:)