Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back In Business!

Well, I am in search of my "new-normal" in my life right now and have decided to jump-start my Mary Kay business! I believe this re-focus will push me in the right direction to re-establish a new routine while driving in solid revenue to pay the bills :)

I am frequently asked if I am still working my business so the answer is a resounding YES! And I am also often approached about ways that someone could help me at this time. So, here are a few of great ways (in order of importance) that YOU could help support our family at this time by helping boost my business. I am working to largely expand my customer base so here is how you can help.

#1 Host a MK party with 4-6 women who are over 18 and don't already have an MK consultant (if you don't live in Houston..that is ok..I am traveling A LOT this summer and chances are, I am probably coming to your area) Just give me a call 832-661-1651 or email me at jwims@marykay.com and we will book a really fun party for you and a few girlfriends!

#2 Book a facial to try all the latest and greatest products & bring a friend with you!

#3 Order some fantastic Mary Kay products from my online website at www.marykay.com/jwims
If you don't live in the Houston area..it is not a problem...I have a great mailing system and I will mail right to your door!

Thanks for all the love and support that you consistently show to our family. We are so blessed to have each of you in our life. Lots of hugs!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Are you going to be in Asia anytime soon???? HE HE HE Glad to see you are back up and running.

CJAlabama said...

This is great to hear, Jenny. John, ehemmmm-I mean "I", need to order some Satin Hands lotion. I'll be visiting your site soon with that order.

Kate said...

I should've had you give me your color recommendation when I saw you - I will definitely order some product online!

Tricia said...

I am so glad that you put all your info on your blog. I hated that I missed Jenny's party and wanted to help support you. I think Jenny invited all our friends to her party...but I will be ordering from your online.
Also I love all the pictures! And wanted to ask you about swim lessons. At what age can you start lessons, do you know? I know is old enough, but Micah just turned 2.
Glad you are doing well! Still praying for you daily!

Heather Fesmire-Morgan said...

WHOOP!!!! You go girl, I miss you so much and I cant' wait to share my pink bubble with you!!!! Did you know you made that post on Mary Kay's Birthday what a way to honor her!!!! I love you!!!

tamandscott said...

I'm all for a party (except I can't get anything that will make my face turn red, itch, then fall off). But....when you're in the FW area (probably this summer), count me in for a girl party at my house!!

Bobbie B said...

So glad to see that you're "back in bidness." You go girl and earn that Pink Caddy! Love you and still pray for you and those precious children.

Anonymous said...

Excited about our June 25 party!
-The Johnsons

Kim said...

I know you don't know me, but I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my prayers. I enjoy reading your blog and although your story is a hard one, you have such an amazing outlook on life. It is very inspirational and uplifting! I have your business info bookmarked. I also left you a little note on my blog!

KristyandJaks said...

Let me know when you will be in Bryan and I would love to have a show for you. Miss you and think about you guys all the time. I am on facebook and my number is 979 595 8957

Amy B. said...

I may be in need/want of something very soon. =)
Prayng that God showers His blessings on your business!