Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Tender Heart

Zeke has such a tender heart. His thoughtfulness for others and his caring nature continue to amaze me for a child his age. He is especially kind to his sister (most of the time) :)

Sunday morning he woke up and came into my room to tell me, "You know how to make Kaelyn stop crying at night?" My response, "How?" He replied, "You just rub her back for a minute or two and she falls right back asleep." Visualizing him waking up to comfort her in the middle of the night was so sweet.

He then proceeded to take Kaelyn into the kitchen to help get her some breakfast, saying, "Don't worry Mom, I'll make her breakfast." Very often on the weekends Zeke will take care of Kaelyn's needs and allow me to lay in bed for a while in the morning. I love it!

Yesterday evening I was preparing for my weekly Mary Kay Success Meeting and while I was straightening up my office, Zeke decided to organize the rest of the house. He went into his sister's room to clean up all the toys, he picked up clothes out of the bathroom, straightened his own room, my room, and even the den. There may not be a quicker way to a mommy's heart than a child who willingly cleans up! I didn't even ask...he just did it on his own accord. This one is a keeper!

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~Erin said...

What a sweetheart!!