Friday, December 3, 2010

Kaelyn Comes Face-To-Face with a Poodle

Both of my children have a love for animals that is beyond my comprehension. With this affection, they also have very little respect for animals they do not know. They assume that every dog, cat, horse, or goat is just as friendly as our pet Bucky. It came as no surprise one afternoon that I spoke with Sheyla (our babysitter) to find out that Kaelyn had gotten bitten in the face by a poodle. At first the bite didn't look too bad, but by the following morning, there was so much swelling that I began to get concerned. Mom and I took K in to see the pediatrician and he gave her a strong round of antibiotics for the growing infection. Fortunately, the antibiotics did the job and she healed up pretty quickly...whew.

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