Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Fitness Buddy

Kaelyn is the world's greatest fitness enthusiast. While her brother cannot stand to go with me, Kaelyn LOVES going to the gym. She loves the staff, the friends and all that the kid watch program has to offer. She gets SO excited when I tell her that we are is really cute.

Today when I picked her up from school in my gym clothes she asked me, "Momma, did you run here to pick me up?" I said laughing, "no." (Her school is about 5 miles from the house...that would make for a nice mid-day run..10 miles round trip...sure, why not?) Then she asked, "did you ride the bike to come and get me?" Last year when she went to Methodist Weekday school I would often go through the pickup line on my bicycle or with the baby jogger to come and get her. She loved it. However, her new school is further plus a lot of traffic and a highway to cross to get there so I responded with a "no" yet again. She said with a very discouraged & slightly accusational voice, "you just drove here in the car, didn't you?" :)

However, she quickly rebounded once I told her the next stop was to take lunch to Zeke..then on to the gym.


Twins Squared said...

Love the new blog! So happy and cute! My could use a makeover too but who knows when I'll get to that. :)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Everybody needs a work-out buddy--lucky you! I adore the look of your new blog. Very creative!