Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Retraining.....

I'm not sure why Kaelyn has reverted back to square 1 with potty training. I personally have never heard of a child who was fully potty trained for over 3 months, just up and one day decide to have accidents all day long. Maybe it is for attention? Maybe she thinks it is now too much trouble to get up and go to the bathroom when the floor works just as well? Maybe she is distracted? Whatever the doesn't really matter...I have completely given up on pushing the idea until she is 3 (ok, so that's only a few weeks away)...maybe there will be something majical about turning 3 and she will suddenly want to go back to underwear and pottys. Well...I am hoping! :)

A couple of weekends ago the kids went to visit family in Kerrville. MeMe told Kaelyn she realized that K's diaper was wet. Kaelyn then told MeMe that she hadn't pee peed in her diaper...Dan did.

I noticed that Kaelyn's pull up was wet this afternoon. When I told her about my discovery she informed me that the pull up was not wet from pee pee it was wet from rain drops. Uh huh.... Very creative.

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allison hanna cassady said...

She is just going to love this post when you show it to her boyfriend when she's 18 years old!