Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Funny

I have to share a Kaelyn funny tonight before I forget. The other day I had given Kaelyn 2 graham crackers for her mid-day snack. I was cleaning up the kitchen as she ate, only paying half attention to her....she tends to have a constant running commentary so I don't always listen to everything. I noticed that she was starting to give her graham crackers "voices" so I started to listen in as I cleaned. Kaelyn ate the first cracker and then began to make the 2nd cracker "dance a little jig" on the counter top on the island where she was sitting.

Kaelyn (says to the graham cracker): Hello, Mr. Graham cracker!

Graham Cracker (Kaelyn giving him a low voice): Where's my sister?

Kaelyn: In here! (as she proceeds to shovel the entire cracker into her mouth.

How does a 2-year-old think up this stuff...she is crazy! I could actually here Brad's booming laughter in my ears as I thought of how he would react if he had been sitting right there next to me watching that scene unfold. He would think Kaelyn is absolutely hysterical at this stage...and, well...she is! :)

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