Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Biopsy shows Chondrosarcoma

As most of you know, I previously had a tumor in my knee. In December, I had a needle biopsy that came back negative for malignancy. Dr. Marco told us from the beginning that a negative test result would mean we were still uncertain (meaning the cells they removed were not cancerous...but there could be other cancerous cells in a different location).

During the surgery, the doctors removed the entire tumor mass but left as much bone as possible in order to save mobility and function of the knee. After the surgery the bone surrounding the tumor was further tested and revealed a cancer that has a moderate chance of spreading to the lungs. Therefore the bone left in the knee has cancer in it.

Dr. Marco has shared with me three options
1)Remove infected bone and replace bone with a bone from a bone bank. This would require a complete reconstruction of the acl and a complete knee replacement in 5 or six years
2)Complete knee replacement using metal and plastic. Down side is the more wear and tear on the knee, the faster you will need another one.
3)Amputate the above the knee and down to mid calf. Use the remaining foot leg bone and ankle/heel as the new knee with prosthetics below the knee.

Marco wants to wait at least 8 weeks to let everything heal up and also allow us time to decide where to go from here. My initial feelings lean toward the complete knee replacement. The other concern is of the cancer spreading to the lungs. I had a c.t. scan before surgery that revealed no tumors in the lungs. However, the cancer is slow-growing so it could already be there and just not visible. I will continually have c.t. scans to check That is our update. Please continue to pray for Jenny as she is due with our second baby in less than 1 month. Also pray for Zeke as he is in the difficult transition from only child to soon to be little brother (which is only complicated with all the added stress of my medical conditions.)

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