Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ER Visit

On Monday morning (while Kaelyn and I were recovering at my parents), Brad went in to the doctor because of pain through his back causing shortness of breath & back spasms. The doctor was quick to be concerned of Brad's symptoms because of his post-surgery condition. The doctor sent Brad by ambulance to Patients hospital in Pasadena. He showed concern that Brad might be experiencing a collapsed lung or a blood clot near his lungs.

Brad spent all of Monday and Tuesday at the hospital undergoing tests to check his lungs, heart, and chest. All of the more serious possibilites were ruled out today so they let Brad go home. It looks like Brad either somehow threw out his back (maybe a result of all the bedrest and then crutching around the house?) or pinched a nerve in the right side of his back. He has injured his back in a similar way one other time before and it has been very painful for him. We are very relieved with the diagnosis...praise God!

We will be going in to the oncologist on Thursday for a follow-up appointment. Lord willing, Brad will be released from bed rest and will be able to begin his physical therapy on his leg. It seems that the prolonged bedrest is causing other issues for him at this point so he is more than ready to begin a new phase of his recovery process.

Thank you for all of your support: the calls, emails, prayers, visits, dinners, "bed rest entertainment gifts", etc. Brad and I are so blessed by each of you. You have made us feel so loved and taken care of. We have witnessed God's love through each of your kind acts and we hope that you know how much we appreciate you.

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