Thursday, May 10, 2007


Friends & Family,

We continue to thank you for your prayers, cards, phone calls, meals, and unwavering emotional support.

We are so grateful for each of you. Since Brad's surgery on the 23rd, he has been struggling with a lot of drainage from the incisions that just won't seem to heal. There has been some concern of infection in his leg.

After Brad's Tuesday doctor's appointment, Dr. Marco was not comfortable with the way that Brad's wound was progressing and decided to admit him into the hospital the following afternoon for surgery. Although the original plan was to only clean out the incisions and wound area, during the procedure Dr. Marco decided to also change out all of the parts of his knee replacement that were not already cemented to his bone (a much more involved procedure).

Dr. Marco said that he did not see any visual signs of infection but that there could still be microbacteria present. Dr. Marco ran a culture of fluid from his leg on Tuesday and we should have those results some time next week to determine if infection is/was present.

An internal medicine doctor came by his room today to perscribe him antibiotics to give him as a preventative measure. There was some confusion following surgery about getting Brad the appropriate pain medication to match the gravity of the surgery that they decided on after opening him up.

Unfortunately Brad was in a great deal of pain for several hours following the procedure. Thankfully, the nurses have adjusted the medication and he is resting more comfortably at this time. A drain has been left in Brad's leg to help pull fluid off the wound and allow the area to heal. He has been instructed to not work on any physical therapy at this time and keep his leg still so that it may heal well first.

Once healed, he will then be able to resume physical therapy to get him back on his feet. He is more than ready to be back on his feet. We are praying that Brad's pain continues to remain controlled. We are also praying for quick healing and added strength. These last two back-to-back surgeries have really taken a lot out of him both physically and mentally.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope that this is the last surgery for Brad for a VERY long time.

We love you all.
Hugs, Jen

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