Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kaelyn's Big-Girl Haircut

I reached my breaking point this week with Kaelyn's hair. Nothing suited her and she was forever pulling out her clips and bows, thus leaving her hair in a disheveled mess. Today I took her in to see my stylist, Angel, so that he could work a miracle on her. I instructed him that we would be taking drastic measures to put her hair into some kind of short style so that when she insisted on wearing it down all down...that it wouldn't end up looking like a long, stringy mess.

As Angel picked up the scissors to start cutting he paused and asked, "is she going to panic once she see all the hair I am cutting off?" I responded, "I don't think so...she has personally cut it MUCH shorter than this before so I can't imagine why this would bother her."

Angel cut on Kaelyn's hair for an entire hour and Kaelyn sat patiently watching and waiting. It was amazing. He even pulled out the straightener to style it. As we were leaving, K asked me if I could "please use that hot thing on her hair tomorrow before school." So funny...such a girl to enjoy all that beauty attention and pampering. HA!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Cookies with Aunt Reecie

This evening the kids and I went into town to have dinner, hang out, and then spend the night with Uncle Matt and Aunt Reecie. This summer we became very spoiled to share great lengths of time with them and we hadn't had an opportunity to spend the night in the Heights for a while so the kids were super-excited! In preparation for the holidays, Aunt Reecie and Kaelyn decided to practicd their cookie-making skills by creating a practice holiday batch. Kaelyn, being the serious sugar connoisseur that she is, was beside herself with excitement. She waited patiently by the over door for minutes at a time waiting for them to be ready for consumption!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Visit from the Hanna's

Since the Hannas have moved across town to Spring, we don't get to seem them frequently enough! Tonight they came over for dinner and to hang out with our family for a bit. The kids were SOOOOO excited to see each other. Oh how we miss them!

A great game of hide-and-seek...can you believe all three of them fit in there?

Macie decided that I would look better in her bow. Oh, how I love this child. Her passion and love for life is contagious. I could just eat her up!