Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's 2009

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Noelle, Val, Lisa, & Me
New Year's Eve 2009 at the Shoup's

Monday, December 28, 2009

Zeke's 6th Birthday

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Tonight we celebrated Zeke's 6th birthday (again). G.G. & Papa came over to join us and to help us sing.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

So many little time :)

Does anyone else get overwhelmed this time of year? I always end up with so many pictures and so many fun things that I want to is hard to know where to begin! BUT...I will get around to it VERY soon! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Shared Love of Laundry

My favorite chore is laundry...I absolutely LOVE doing laundry. I love the sorting...I love the challenge to remove stains....I love the awesome smell of detergent and fabric softener....I love removing the clothes from the dryer when the are still hot....I love the whole is GREAT!

My realization today is that I have created a daughter who also shares my laundry obsession. She gets really excited when I pull the clothes out of the dryer and she puts them up to her face and smells them (Admittedly, I like to do the same). Today I watched her pick up piles of clothes as I was finished folding them and carry them throughout the house to put them in their place. I was amazed that she actually knew where most of the clothes were kept. She even knew which drawer to put her brother's underwear. This may be a skill that most 2 year old's possess....but I was impressed!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

Ah....the snow today was oh so fun! I only wish it had stuck long enough to play in it with my kiddos!

My New Boots

I have plans to go climb a handful of state high points for several days starting in the middle of this month. Because of the potential cold weather, I had to invest in some new hiking shoes for the adventure. Let's is the 4th of December and I leave on the 18th....I have 14 days to break them in. I have worn them every day for the past 3...and I plan on continuing to exercise in them each day. Crossing my fingers that this will be enough to get them worn in before I try to climb with them. Not sure if I can get by with wearing the boots during the day as an accessory to my Mary Kay director's suit, but it may come to that. :)

Camping in Lockhart

The kids and I went to Lockhart to visit my parents as they were camping at the local State park. Zeke had a great time chasing the bigger kids on bikes. Kaelyn spent a good part of her time sitting and playing in the dirt. Both kids were right in their element...being outside and having lots of playmates everywhere.

Time with The Allen's

Monday should have been titled "Old Friend Day" because the same day I say Laynie, I also had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend from Baytown, Amberly Tiner Allen. The kids and I stayed the night with Amberly, her sweet husband, Brent and their 3 adorable children. My kids, of course, had a great time with the abundance of playmates running through the house.

Thank you for hosting us Amberly....we really enjoyed the visit!

A Laynie-Visit!

The Monday before Thanksgiving the kids and I were blessed with a visit from my college roommate, Laynie Weaver. Laynie looks exactly the same as the day we graduated from college, actually, I take that back....I think she looks better. I always enjoy spending time with Laynie because she is fun, exciting and so free-spirited. She has a love for life and living that I truly admire.

Thanks for the visit friend!

Zeke took several shots before getting us centered into the picture. Third times the charm...

Thanksgiving Feast

I am playing catch-up with my blogging tonight...I am a few weeks behind in documenting our recent adventures. On Friday, November the 20th, Zeke had a Thanksgiving feast at school...complete with Pilgrim and Indian attire. Nonnie was in town so she attended this event with Kaelyn and Zeke while I stayed at home to finish hosting my holiday open house.

Looks like they had a good time...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Fun

I have found a new love interest....rock climbing! I went with a group of friends last night to the Texas Rock Gym in West was SO much fun! I have always enjoyed climbing trees and other tall things.....but this is way more fun. I did realize, however, halfway through my adventure that my nails were way to long...between the chalk and the tiny handholds...nails just get in the way. So, I had to cut them all off. Oh well, the price that you have to pay for fun. :)

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera....rats! I will have to remember next time.